The Vaxxines

About The Vaxxines

Welcome our new lead vocalist KC!!

Stay tuned for new recordings, a second EP, and a full length LP coming soon!  Our first S/T EP is on sale now at BandCamp below, and the EP record release party is March 1 at The Stork Club!!

Loud rocknroll punk anthems from Oakland, CA.  Rising from the ashes of The Pathogens which included Cinder (Tilt) and Jesse Lucious (Grups, Blatz, Criminals), along with other East Bay veteran rascals like Markley (Econochrist), come The Vaxxines.  

The demo below on Bandcamp includes a Pathogens song called I Wanna Be In Quarantine, which they wrote in 2019, a year before the pandemic.  Cheers!

Vox – KC Vaxx
Guitar – Sebastian Vaxx
Bass – Adachi Vaxx
Skins – Markley Vaxx


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