The Vaxxines

About The Vaxxines

Punk n Roll from Oakland, CA.  From the ashes of The Pathogens which included Cinder from Tilt and Jesse Lucious (Blatz, Gr’ups, The Criminals), come a reformed unit called The Vaxxines.  Veteran Oakland drummer Markley Hart (Econochrist, Strychnine, Fracas)and guitarist Sebastian (The Twots, The Divvys) posted old school paper flyers at local bars, salons, and cafes announcing the new band.  Long time friend Adachi jumped in on bass and after four weeks of auditions they found Lizzie to perfectly round out the group as the lead vocalist.

The demo below on Bandcamp lists two re-recorded Pathogens songs including I Wanna Be In Quarantine, which they wrote in 2019, a year before the pandemic.  Cheers!

The Vaxxines - Punk Rock Band Oakland, CA
Vox – Lizzie Vaxx
Guitar – Sebastian Vaxx
Bass – Adachi Vaxx
Skins – Markley Vaxx


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